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Gerard & Leonard Valk table globes
Amsterdam 1700 & 1750
A Pair of rare table globes by Gerard and Leonard Valk.

Diameter: 39 cm. (15 in.)
Height: 59 cm.

This pair of table globes is a beautiful example of the outstanding work of the Dutch globe makers Gerard and Leonard Valk.

The Terrestrial globe: state III.
The Celestial globe: state II.

Both spheres are made up of two paper-maché hollow hemispheres joined at the equator covered with a layer of plaster and eighteen gores and two polar calottes, the celestial calottes laid to the ecliptic poles.

The celestial globe is dated 1700.
The terrestrial is in its third state and it can be dated to 1750, the only new alteration made to the map of this globe is the addition of the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea following van Werdens observation of 1719-21 and the close by Aral sea. ( P. van der Krogt, p. 326).
On this sphere the pasted in number 50 is missing.

Landmasses coloured in green, red and yellow with the cities picked out in gold leaf, the constellations finely coloured with the stars picked out in gold leaf.
As was the custom then, the date of the globe was changed from the second state 1745 by pasting in the number 50.

Each with a brass meridian and hour dial, those of the celestial are later. The four columns with bun feet, support the wooden horizon circle, edged in red, on which is a hand-coloured printed paper ring showing degrees and the days of the houses of the Zodiac, raised on an oak Dutch-style stand united by cross-stretchers supporting a circular base plate, the celestial horizon covered with a reproduction of an engraved sheet raised on a later stand.
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