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Vincenzo Coronelli, pair of large table globes.
London 1696
A pair of beautiful globes (47 cm diameter), in their first state, by the celebrated Venetian globe maker Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718), who worked extensively for the French and British markets.
"His reputation in the field was established in 1681 with the production of the so-called 'Marly globes' made for the French king, Louis XIV.
Having a diameter of 3.84 metres. Coronelli seems to have sensed that the nobility of Europe wanted grand globes. These then, he would provide!" (Dekker, p. 112).

Terrestrial and celestial globe, each with 12 engraved gores and 2 polar calottes. Each globe coloured by a later hand and varnished. Each with a wooden meridian and horizon ring, the horizon ring covered with a reproduction of an engraved sheet and the meridian ring painted in yellow and red with manuscript notes. Each globe in a wooden stand in 17th-century style.

This pair of globes is dedicated to William of Orange, Stadholder of The Netherlands and King of England as William III.

Terrestrial globe:
The cartographic outlines are enriched everywhere with calligraphic texts and painted images portraying fabulous or exotic tales including, animals, plants and inhabitants. Rivers, mountains and boundaries are shown. California is seen as an island. The seas decorated with different images of ships and sea monsters. The images echo the voyagers tales and adventures. The globe also retraces the sea voyages of numerous explorers.
The Terrestrial globe is state I.

Celestial globe:
The constellations depicted by mythical beasts and figures with names in Latin, Greek and Italian, the stars picked out in gold paint and numbered in Arabic numerals with innumerable notes regarding comets and novae with dates.
The Celestial globe is state I.

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